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Jackie Goldstein is the founder and CEO of Renaissance Computer Systems Ltd. which owns and operates PromoDomains.com. Jackie and Renaissance have many years of experience and reputation in technology, digital marketing, and business development, across a wide variety of industries.

PromoDomains.com was launched after recognizing the need to easily acquire reasonably priced, high-quality domains to help companies, businesses, and local professionals better promote their services and products. These domains can either be used to upgrade existing websites to more memorable and higher quality domain names or they can help drive traffic to existing domains as part of online or offline (print, billboards/banners, radio, TV, etc.) marketing efforts.

Developing a domain into a successful website and thriving online business takes a lot of time, effort, and funding. One key way to speed it up and to improve the likelihood of success is by building and/or promoting your business website on a memorable premium domain name.

This short video explains how.

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